Born: April 16, 1991 (age 25)

Arvind Sanjeev is an electronics engineer, inventor and entrepreneur based in Cochin, Kerala. He is described as being a serial innovator[1] at several platforms and is currently running an initiative called DIY (Do it Yourself) Hacking. Yahoo-Accenture had also awarded him as the "Most Promising Innovator"[2] [3] . He is the founder of the non-profit Maker platform: DIY Hacking[4] [5] [6] and has also served as the CTO to RHL Vision Technologies aka Fin Robotics[7] [8] [9] . Arvind has developed several innovative gadgets and systems that has earned him recognition nationally and internationally . He was also featured in Techcrunch[10] and has gained gargantuan media exposure[11] [12] [13] for one of his projects that he developed for DIY Hacking.
Arvind has also recently authored a eBook titled- "How to be a maker"[14] [15] and is working on building a DIY and maker community in India, he also does occasional talks and workshops at colleges on rapid prototyping and latest technologies, some of this can be seen here: workshops.

Early life

Arvind Sanjeev was always a tinkerer and a hardware geek. He used to hack apart toys since he was a kid and was intrigued by its inner workings. He is the son to Dr.Sanjeev S and Dr.Usha Rani, bio chemistry scientists at the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology. He completed his Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from TocH Institute of Science and Technology in 2013. During the tenure of his bachelor's, he had built several innovative systems and researched on several others, one of them was a smartphone application to control the features of a car that had won him many honors.

Major Projects and work

Arvind has done extensive research and worked on several projects covering latest and veritable technologies in the field of: wearable technologies, internet of things, head mounted displays, connected devices, home automation, UAV drones, vehicle automation and security systems. He has posted tutorials and open sourced several of his projects through DIY Hacking and in his personal blog , you can see them in detail here. A brief list of the projects that he has worked on:

Awards and achievements

A few of the accolades and achievements of Arvind are:
  • Was able to partner with the Govt of Kerala in a program to give away 10,000 Raspberry Pi kits to students and hosted workshops for them across the state.
  • Was awarded the Yahoo – Accenture Innovation Jockeys award for the “Most Promising Innovator” from India as a recognition to the various research projects that he had undertaken[27] .
  • Was able to develop a product prototype called “RideSmart”, a car automation or control- smartphone application, and has applied for patent[2] [3] [4] .
  • Was selected as a Technology Innovation fellow by the Government of Kerala to promote technology innovation in the state.
  • Was selected as one of the five student entrepreneurs from Kerala from over 1500 applications by Startup Village (Technology Incubator) for the SV Square initiative to visit and interact with the influential companies at Silicon Valley, California. The trip was funded by the Kerala Government and hosted by the Rajeev Motwani Foundation, Palo Alto[28] [29] [30] [31] [32]
  • Was able to feature an open source project – Smart Cap on Techcrunch[33] .
  • Has conducted technical workshops at more than 40 colleges around India and has also authored an eBook titled "How To Be a Maker!"[34] .
  • Was able to post several open source project tutorials through the platform called “DIY Hacking”, aimed to provide technical guidance and promote tinkering among students[35] [36]
  • Was able to showcase Fin - a wearable BLE enabled ring, during the Techcrunch "Hardware Battlefield" event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, having been selected as one of the 15 products worldwide to do so[37] and successfully raised 200,000$ on crowd funding platform- Indiegogo[38] ]].
  • Blackberry Elite VIP member 2013 - 2014, one of the 125 people in the world to be chosen.
  • Was given the unique opportunity from Blackberry to attend the world Blackberry Live conference at Orlando, U.S.A and Hong Kong. and to interact with the Chief Executives of Blackberry,QNX.
  • Showcased a product - RideSmart, during the Blackberry OS10 launch India as per the request from Blackberry[39] .
  • Has attained recognition from media BBC World News, Techcrunch, Yahoo News, Asianet News ,Yes Indiavision, Deccan Chronicle and Hindu for innovative products developed and was featured in their news cover[40] .
  • Has published a project on the International electronics magazine - Elektor.
  • Attained accolade from the IEEE organization for an innovative project presented during a project presentation competition held at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut.
  • Has received several recognitions for conducting workshops for students on robotics and microcontroller programming.

Technical skills

Arvind possess a strong skill set for developing electronic systems and rapid prototyping technologies based on wearables and Internet of Things. Some of his skill sets in detail are:
  • Wearable systems designing
  • Rapid prototyping skills and know-how to use machines like: laser and vinyl cutters, CNCs, PCB millers, sand blaster and 3D printers. His documentation of the learnings can be seen here
  • 2D and 3D designing
  • PCB design and fabrication
  • Embedded systems developer
  • Python and HTML programmer
  • Linux and terminal user
  • Experience in working on GPS and Wireless communication: BLE, classic bluetooth, RF, etc
  • Working and application knowledge of various sensors and interfacing hardware modules and micro-controllers
  • Worked with ARM based microprocessors, OMAP,etc
  • Experience with IMU sensors, gesture recognition and voice recognition algorithms
  • Android and Blackberry application developer
  • Dedicated interest in documentation and research
  • Passionate DIYer and technology blogger


Arvind has been pursuing a startup company- ARS Devices[41] since his third year of bachelor's and is its CEO and Chief Inventor, he had partnered with Blackberry to showcase his project -RideSmart at several national and international platforms[42] . He has also had a brief stint as an intern at the Yahoo Research and Development Centre, Bangalore after being honored as "The Most Promising Innovator" by Yahoo-Accenture.
Arvind was also the CTO for RHL Vision Technologies aka Fin Robotics for a brief period and had developed the prototype or proof of concept model for Fin. He was able to showcase this project along with the CEO of RHL Vision Technologies during the Techcrunch Hardware Batllefield[43] at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, having been one of the 15 best products selected worldwide to do so. Fin also successfully raised 200,000$ on Indiegogo.
Arvind is currently working on building a DIY and maker community in India and is using DIY Hacking as a tool to tutor and expose students to latest and open source prototyping technologies like arduino and raspberry pi. The platform comprises instructions and source codes on building projects associated with a montage of latest technologies like head mounted displays, internet of things, connected devices, wearables, home automation, etc. He also does occasional talks at various colleges on rapid prototyping and open source hardware technologies.

DIY Hacking

DIY Hacking(Do it Yourself) is a platform instigated by Arvind Sanjeev to motivate and tutor the students, hobbyists and startups in India on open source technologies and rapid prototyping. It aims at providing a more pragmatic knowledge about modern technologies to the students in India using tools like the arduino and raspberry pi. It consists of detailed step by step instructions on how to do several projects centered around the modern realm of technology and has tutorials ranging from 80$ head mounted displays to the Internet of Things and smartphone controlled robots.

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